DCA unveils series of projects to begin in A.C. this year

The Department of Community Affairs and members of the Atlantic City Executive Council on Tuesday unveiled a series of projects that will be begin this year in Atlantic City.

The Atlantic City Implementation Plan includes recommendations from the Atlantic City Transition Report issued in September 2018 and citizen input from the Atlantic City Town Hall in January 2019. The plan also includes schedules, deadlines and deliverables and serves as a tool for the public to monitor the performance of projects.

“We’ve made great progress since the Transition Report was issued last fall and this Implementation Plan represents the next phase in our work to move Atlantic City forward,” Lt. Gov. Shiela Oliver said. “I have confidence in this plan because it has critical buy-in from the community, city stakeholders, and anchor institutions that have agreed to be mutually accountable for getting the work done, which makes for enduring progress.”

“There are so many positive things happening in Atlantic City because of the efforts of organizations across the city,” Jim Johnson, special counsel to Gov. Phil Murphy, said. “The Implementation Plan builds on the work that is already underway by breaking down silos, reinforcing collaboration, and aligning resources. Together we are changing the narrative of this vibrant city.”

The plan is structured in two sections. The first identifies overall strategic recommendations. The second section breaks down the recommendations into targeted time-frames for completion.

The recommendations include, government effectiveness and accountability; land use development; economic development; workforce development and job creation; public health; public safety; youth development; civic and cultural development; and public finance.

The Atlantic City Initiatives Project Office will oversee and coordinate daily execution of the plan. It will also provide support to the Atlantic City Executive Council.