Hot New Jersey neighborhood adds giant food hall

A new 12,750-square-foot space in the main atrium at Harborside, the 4.3 million square-foot-office complex set along the Hudson River with views of Manhattan, has now opened as District Kitchen. This is a unique dining concept offering a wide variety of vendors, including popular Jersey City food spots like Ani Ramen and Left Bank Burger Bar. There are fast-casual dining options ranging from lobster rolls to Neapolitan pizza to Korean barbecue.

District Kitchen food hall is constructed with design features that celebrate the Harborside’s rich industrial history.

Though the selection of local restaurateurs have various backgrounds, all are focused on the same goal: providing “JCers” with a fun and spirited place to gather over delicious food and drinks (it is next to Piggyback Bar, serving beer, wine, and cocktails).

The 13 vendors currently showcased in the space are:

  • Salt + Seed;
  • Angry Lobster Roll;
  • Canteen to Go;
  • The Belgian Plate by Waffle It & Co.;
  • Pizza Vita;
  • Kimchi Grill;
  • Enfes;
  • Tidal Poke;
  • Modcup;
  • Little Sushi Shop;
  • #Baonanas;
  • Left Bank Burger Bar;
  • Ani Ramen.

Mack-Cali, the real estate investment firm that runs Harborside, has invested $75 million into it.

CEO Michael DeMarco’s stated mission was to make the office complex a desirable place for people to spend time before, during and after work. For years, the vast office complex offered little for commuters and workers in the area.

Sounds like Mack-Cali has done a nice job of bringing a diverse ethnic variety of tastes to the area!

You can visit the eateries Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.