Princeton consent management platform makes acquisition, a Princeton-based consent management platform, has acquired Betterpath, a Brooklyn-based company focused on health care data, it announced Tuesday.

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The company said the combination will bolster its reach in the Consumer Content-as-a-Service economy through untapped health care data sets, as Betterpath technology works on behalf of patients to search and find hard-to-access health care information.

“I’ve seen and evaluated technology for two decades,” CEO Richie Etwaru said in a prepared statement. “The Betterpath architecture, stack and scalability is one of the best I have seen to date in health care data retrieval.”

Betterpath co-founder and CEO Matt Sinderbrand will join as senior vice president and chief product officer, as well as joining the board of directors.

“The track and trace of consent and authorization model that has brought to market has been what is missing in health care data from the inception,” Sinderbrand said in a statement. “The simple idea that we should put the consumer (the patient) into the center of the health care data supply chain with ownership rights literally at their fingertips is both powerful and timely.”

The deal also gives two patents and an observational research cohort, the company said.

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