Sectigo acquires Icon Labs, now can provide end-to-end IoT security platform

Sectigo, a Roseland-based commercial Certificate Authority provider, announced Thursday it has acquired Icon Labs, a provider of cross-platform security solutions for embedded OEMs and Internet of Things device manufacturers.

Sectigo’s acquisition of an IoT platform will provide device manufacturers, system integrators, enterprises using connected IoT and more with the ability to use IoT issuance from a third-party CA.

“Icon Labs has been growing and addressing this challenge by securing the device market for more than two decades. For the first time, embedded security technology is combined with device authentication and identity management to provide customers with a complete IoT security platform that solves many of the challenges presented by the rising number of threats,” Sectigo CEO Bill Holtz.

With the acquisition of Icon Labs, Sectigo said it will become the first third-party CA to offer end-to-end security for every connected device.

“By joining Sectigo, Icon Labs is contributing to a powerful advancement in connected device security. We are securing IoT devices and the convergence of traditional IT systems and Operational Technology (OT); that is, the hardware and software that detects or causes changes in physical processes through direct monitoring and/or control of physical devices,” Alan Grau, founder of Icon Labs, said.

Under terms of the deal, Icon Labs will keep its name and become a subsidiary of Sectigo.

“With the addition of Icon Labs, Sectigo ensures overall system integrity by enabling complete visibility and control over each IoT device lifecycle and providing embedded technologies to further secure the integrity of the device, its identity, and its data,” Jason Soroko, chief technology officer of IoT, Sectigo, said. “Now the experts in protecting digital identities are also the specialists in utilizing and protecting digital identities in constrained embedded environments found in IoT devices used in every operational vertical, from automotive to healthcare, and from industrial control systems to smart cities.”

Financial terms were not disclosed.