Rutgers Business School adds master’s in digital marketing

A new online Master of Science in digital marketing is now being offered by Rutgers Business School to, as the school put it, help produce a greater amount of marketing professionals that will meet the industry’s high demand.

From prospective students to marketing veterans wanting to advance their careers, participants can receive more in-depth instruction in their fields, or prospective fields, through the program.

The deadline to apply and begin classes in the fall is Aug. 5. Applicants are admitted on a rolling basis.

Students go through a 36-credit program as their master’s degrees are completed with industry certificates that enhance their working knowledge of platforms such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite. Those with industry experience or credits from digital marketing curriculum like Rutgers Business School’s Executive Education Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing can qualify for up to six credits.

“I often say there’s no such thing as digital marketing. There’s just marketing in a digital world,” said Stacy Schwartz, a Rutgers professor of professional practice who is building the program to address the industry’s need for a larger pool of digital marketing expertise.

The Rutgers Master of Science in digital marketing will teach students concepts such as consumer behavior, marketing research, retail marketing, law, policy, ethics and marketing strategy, from a digital point of view.

Other aspects of the curriculum focus on executing digital marketing campaigns, including digital advertising and promotions, mobile marketing and innovation, search engine marketing, social media marketing and content marketing.

“This is a continuation of our leadership in digital marketing instruction,” Schwartz said. “Our curriculum is being developed with the input of industry professionals to quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of employers.”