Show & Tell: How to keep your current employees from looking elsewhere

Richard Singer is director of permanent placement services with Robert Half in New Jersey.

According to data gathered by Robert Half, 43% of workers  plan to look for a new job within the next 12 months. In a tight job market where talent can be hard to come by, how can you keep your current employees from looking elsewhere?

“We advise clients all of the time on retention strategies. The most important thing is that companies know their employee base and what makes each person tick. Are you offering above-market salaries? Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to perks and benefits? More than half of employees (52%) say that flexible schedules and leaving early on Friday would be the best perks a company could offer. Bottom line: If you want to retain your employees and not lose them to the competition, it is time to start looking at your own internal hiring processes and analyzing what makes your company a great place to work.”