Certara forms new practice area focused on global health

Certara, a Princeton-based pharmaceutical drug developer, announced Tuesday it has formed a new practice area, Certara Global Health, which will focus on equity in health for all people worldwide.

“Certara Global Health will bring together talent, technology, software, systems and processes to accelerate the development of medicines for those that need them most,” Craig Rayner, senior vice president and co-lead of CGH, said. “Working closely with the foundation and other leaders in the global health sector, CGH will focus on creating novel and impactful drug development, regulatory science and patient access approaches that will deliver effective and affordable therapies to populations in need around the world. A triple bottom line practice across the global health product development ecosystem.”

Certara said CGH will leverage its global scientific staff to create a ‘sandbox of innovation,’ including new drug development methodologies; developing new technologies, software and processes; hiring new Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control talent; finding better access to medicine for global populations; and more.

“Developing medicines is expensive and difficult at the best of times, and securing talent and capital is an extra challenge for the global health sector,” Kevin Hershberger, vice president and co-lead of CGH, said. “But we are confident that we can play a catalytic role in bringing creative thinkers together with leading-edge technologies and methodologies, to support solving medicine development and access challenges in global health.”

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