Multiple N.J. banks honored for community service efforts

Fourteen New Jersey banks were honored recently by the New Jersey Bankers Association for their community service and outreach efforts in the communities they serve in the state.

Banks were judged on their ability to help and serve in a number of areas, addressing a variety of needs in both traditional and imaginative ways. And while support for traditional, well-known philanthropic causes such as Habitat for Humanity, local food banks and first responders remained high, there was also significant support for a wide range of causes.

Employee volunteers from each bank were a major part of community support and outreach. Also evident was a commitment by bank managers and directors to community service through personal engagement in activities and events as well as membership on a wide spectrum of boards of not-for-profit organizations.

Winners were selected in seven size areas.

  • National banks: TD Bank, Bank of America;
  • Deposits over $5B: Provident Bank, Investors
  • Deposits between $2B- $5B: Peapack-Gladstone, Kearny
  • Deposits between $1B-$2B: Boiling Springs, Manasquan
  • Deposits between $500M-$999M: 1st Constitution, Two River Community
  • Deposits between $300M-$500M: Roselle Savings, Crest Savings
  • Deposits below $300M: Metuchen Savings, Lusitania Savings

Here’s a look at some of reasons for the selections:

Largest national banks

  1. TD Bank: A large bank with significant support for communities throughout New Jersey and across a wide range of needs.
  2. Bank of America: A large national bank with solid support for the people and communities of New Jersey.

Banks with deposits over $5B

  1. Provident Bank: Continued strong commitment to a wide range of causes in many communities reflecting a bank firmly rooted in New Jersey.
  2. Investors Bank: Demonstrates strong support for a wide variety of organizations, public services and community strengthening organizations.

Banks with deposits between $2B and $5B

  1. Peapack-Gladstone Bank: Continually has a clear message of what it supports, particularly with respect to food and shelter insecurity, and support for veterans in need.
  2. Kearny Bank: Significant support for a wide variety of causes and community service organizations by employees, primarily through volunteerism.

Banks with deposits between $1B and $2B

  1. Boiling Springs Savings Bank: Community outreach with Coffee with a Cop, and support for food pantries, various community centers and support for bankers in North and South Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence.
  2. Manasquan Bank: significant recognition for community support as evidenced by receiving a 2018 Humanitarian of the Year and Financial Capability Innovation Award.

Banks with deposits between $500M and $999M

  1. 1st Constitution Bank: Strong community presence and support-from board members through branch employees.
  2. Two River Community Bank: Supports a variety of not-for-profit groups and initiatives to improve the quality of life and environment in its service area.

Banks with deposits between $300M and $500M

  1. Roselle Savings Bank: Strong tradition of employees at all levels actively participating in educational and other community organizations including the exceptionally diverse activities and causes supported by members of the board.
  2. Crest Savings Bank: Bank employees and management reflect commitment to their communities through volunteer work, board memberships, support for youth and the arts, and an awareness of challenges and opportunities present in the smaller communities in which they operate.

Banks with deposits below $300M

  1. Metuchen Savings Bank: Outreach and funding is focused on support for youth, health-related causes and enrichment of their community.
  2. Lusitania Savings Bank: Employees demonstrate strong support for focused health needs within their service area.