NITA relocates corporate HQ to Marlton; opens Closing Café

National Integrity Title Agency, a tile insurance and settlement company for commercial and residential real estate, announced Thursday it has relocated its corporate headquarters to Marlton.

The new site, located at 1 Holtec Drive, is a fully-renovated, 5,100-square-foot office.

The move, NITA said, represents a new chapter in the company’s more than 25 year history and coincides with the launch of its Closing Café, a high-tech shared work environment and meeting venue for realtors, lenders, attorneys and other professionals.

Set in the front 2,500-square-foot area of NITA’s new office space, the Closing Café is a combination of open work space and enclosed conference rooms. It provides guests with access to Wi-Fi, digital charges, food and beverages, arcade machines, and other office amenities.

“Closing Café is our answer to coffee house meetings and one in which clients can work remotely and meet with homeowners in a professional, comfortable setting,” George E. Duffield Sr., CEO and co-owner of National Integrity Title Agency, said. “In short, it’s a remote home base without the mad rush of a restaurant or the distractions in an office.  Our realtor clients and other professionals in the real estate industry have been clamoring for somewhere they can go and get work done. Closing Café is just that place.”