N.J. firm shares in $2.3M EPA environmental tech funding

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday it has awarded $2.3 million in funding to 21 small businesses to develop environmental technologies that will help protect human health.

Parsippany-based Brisea Group Inc. will receive $100,000 in the first phase of funding to help develop a microwave-assisted membrane for pretreatment of PFAS — certain chemical substances — in industrial wastewater.

“These funds support small businesses that have developed new technologies to monitor air quality, test for PFAS and address other pressing environmental challenges,” Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the EPA, said. “Through EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research program, we provide important assistance to entrepreneurs as they develop innovative solutions that will strengthen both environmental protections and economic growth.”

“EPA is fostering innovation and improving people’s health and the environment,” Pete Lopez, regional administrator for the EPA, said. “This program is helping advance technologies like the Brisea Group Inc.’s system, which is designed to reduce or eliminate PFAS discharged from industrial sources and prevent them from flowing into our waters.”

Each of the 21 businesses will get Phase I contracts from the EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research program, which awards contracts annually through a two-phase competition. Companies competed for a Phase I award of up to $100,000 by submitting research that addressed key environmental issues. Once companies get their first award, they are eligible to compete for a Phase II award of up to $300,000 to further develop the technology.

To be edible for the award, a company must be an organized, for-profit U.S. business and have less than 500 employees.