ContraVir Pharmaceuticals announces name change

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced its board of directors has approved a change to the company’s name and stock symbol.

The Edison-based biopharmaceutical company focused on development treatments for liver disease will now be known as Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its ticker will be “HEPA.”

The new Nasdaq trading symbol will be effective as of the opening of trading Tuesday, as will a new CUSIP number for the company’s common stock of 426897104.

“We derived the name ‘Hepion’ by combining the ancient Greek word for liver, ‘hepar,’ with ‘Epione,’ the goddess of soothing, or healing,” Dr. Robert Foster, company CEO, said. “Changing the company’s name to Hepion Pharmaceuticals is a reflection of the significant potential our lead candidate, CRV431, has to treat inflammation, fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma associated with liver disease, in addition to its potential as an antiviral.”

The company’s new website,, will be available Tuesday.