Newark-based Manischewitz Co. to be acquired by Kenover Marketing

The Newark-based Manischewitz Co. has agreed to sell all of its kosher food business to Bayonne-based Kenover Marketing Corp., the two companies announced Monday evening.

The transaction will exclude the Season Brand of products, the companies said in a release.

Both parties said in the release that they are operating business as usual and will honor outstanding commitments — and that they look forward to concluding this transaction in the near future, at which time they will issue a public announcement with further details.

The B. Manischewitz Co. LLC was founded by Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz in 1888 in Cincinnati.

It became a leading brand of kosher products based in the United States, best known for its matzo and kosher wine. It is the world’s largest matzo manufacturer and one of the country’s largest kosher brands.

The company, which went public in 1923, opened a second production facility in Jersey City in 1932. The Cincinnati plant closed in 1958.

Manischewitz remained a public corporation under control of the family until it was taken private in a management buyout in 1990 for $42.5 million.