Saint Peter’s, Ross U. School of Medicine partner to increase physician diversity

Saint Peter’s University and Ross University School of Medicine announced a partnership to increase physician diversity by helping more Hispanics attend medical school.

The agreement, signed Wednesday at Saint Peter’s campus in Jersey City, will create an education pathway program for Saint Peter’s graduates to study medicine at RUSM’s campus in Barbados.

“Student success is not only measured by what our students accomplish while they are here, but what they go on to accomplish after graduation,” sEugene J. Cornacchia, president of Saint Peter’s, said. “This partnership with RUSM exemplifies our mission to find new pathways to employment and career advancement for our diverse student population.”

Under the agreement, qualified Saint Peter’s students who are accepted into the medical school will receive a scholarship for first semester tuition at RUSM.

“The U.S. needs more Hispanic and Latino physicians if the medical profession is to serve our communities effectively,” William F. Owen Jr., dean and chancellor of RUSM, said. “The lack of a diverse physician workforce negatively impacts healthcare outcomes in Hispanic communities and communities of color that are typically prone to high rates of chronic diseases. We’re working to address that long overdue challenge to increase the diversity of our nation’s physicians by partnering with Hispanic Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, using novel student engagements, validated support programs and senior-level commitments to success.”