Study: N.J. ranks No. 6 in most spent on health care

It’s not just taxes.

New Jersey residents spend a lot on health care, too.

Lifestyle site The Senior List released a study on Wednesday ranking the Garden State sixth in spending the most money on health care annually.

New Jerseyans spend an average of $6,402 a year on their health, approximately $750 more than the nation average ($5,641). The study also found professional services accounts for about a third of annual spending. This figure amounts to 39.4% of all spending in New Jersey.

Nationally, spending on impatient services accounts for about 19% and outpatient 30% nationally, while a little more than $4 in every $10 spent on health care in New Jersey in 2017 went to inpatient and outpatient services, at 41%.

The Senior List’s study also found the “New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA” metro area as the fourth most expensive place to receive a cesarean-section procedure at $13,830 on average.

Here’s the Top 5 states that spend the most on health care annually, according to the site:

  • Alaska, $7,469;
  • West Virginia, $6,813;
  • South Dakota, $6,733;
  • New Hampshire, $6,720;
  • Wyoming, $6,695.

And the Top 5 states that spend the least:

  • Hawaii, $3,626;
  • Utah, $4,499;
  • Arkansas, $4,608;
  • Kansas, $4,887;
  • Maryland, $4,919.

Additional findings include, but are not limited to, that health care spending in the U.S. has increased by 17% since 2013. Americans spend $3.5 trillion annually on health care which accounts for 18% of gross domestic product and spending on prescription drugs nationally has increased 29% since 2013.