Two CPAs merge to form new business practice

Ernest Standard Jr. and Frank Monetti, both Certified Public Accountants in Toms River, announced Tuesday they have merged their practices to form MonettiStandard P.C. Accountants and Advisors, a new CPA business advisory and support firm.

The practice will be located at 1861 Hooper Ave., Suite 8 in Toms River.

“Frank and I often found ourselves consulting. With the synergy we had, it was easy to see that together not only as CPAs but also advisors we could help a lot of small businesses grow successfully,” Standard said.

With the launch of the new practice, MonettiStandard will be offering a small analysis of local businesses for free.

“We want to do things a little differently. We want to be more involved in businesses, more engaged in their management. For example, how do you determine your prices? How do you collect your money? Wouldn’t it be better to have advisors on your business team who would prevent problems before they occur?” Standard said.