NJDOL announces $3M in training grants for employees

The New Jersey Department of Labor announced Thursday it will be awarding $3 million in training grants to 223 New Jersey businesses to enhance the skills of their frontline employees.

Grantees, which are in the fields of manufacturing, health care, packaging, food and more, will each receive $18,000 to $250,000 through UPSKILL: NJ Incumbent Worker Training Grants, the Labor Department said. Each grant will be matched by a minimum of 50% from each employer.

The funding is designed to support businesses in state acquire a skilled workforce by defraying costs associated with upskilling employees to meet current and future needs of high-wage and middle- and high-skill jobs.

In all, a total of 8,455 employees are expected to receive training.

“I hear from employers every day how difficult it is in an almost full-employment economy to find workers with the skills the companies need to stay competitive,” Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said. “We believe these grants will make a big difference to employers who need skilled workers to fill orders and provide services, and employees who need to keep their skills current to maintain and advance their careers.”

An additional $3 million in funding will be awarded in the second round of the grant.

For more information or eligibility requirements, click here or here.