Workit Health opens clinic in N.J. to provide virtual addiction care services

By Emily Bader
Hamilton | Nov 11, 2019 at 3:00 am

Workit Health, a telehealth company focused on treating people with substance use disorders, has expanded its virtual services for addiction care to New Jersey, it announced on Thursday.

The company said it will open an outpatient clinic in Hamilton to provide coaching and counseling programs. After an initial in-person visit, patients will be able to follow up their care through the web and a phone app, as well as through video chats, online recovery groups, messaging with a care team, personalized therapy-based courses, at-home drug testing, and more.

“New Jersey has taken the lead on expanding access to buprenorphine by allowing paramedics to offer treatment,” Lisa McLaughlin, Workit Health co-CEO, said. “We’re excited to join the communities and organizations in New Jersey impacting the overdose crisis, and leverage our technology and care teams to provide long-term recovery for New Jerseyans.”

“We know that 90% of addiction care costs in New Jersey are utilized by people who have already received treatment but found it ineffective – Workit Health is something different and more accessible for this population,” Robin McIntosh, Workit Health Co-CEO, said. “Members in our Michigan and California programs are thriving, and we’re ready to bring these same outcomes to the entire state of New Jersey.”