ROI Influencers Real Estate 2019: Power Players (M to Z)

Real estate in New Jersey is bigger than just the biggest developers (see that list here) and the icons of the industry here. These power players (M to Z) hold key roles in the industry and are vital to its success. See the power players list (A to L) here.


Dean Marchetto
Founding principal
Marchetto Higgins Stieve
Another long-overdue member of the list, he’s orchestrated award-winning architectural, planning and design services for residential and mixed-use developments across the state.


Kevin McCabe
Carpenter Contractor Trust
His leadership at CCT, combined with his role as a Port Authority commissioner, makes him influential throughout the state and region. 


W. Nevins McCann
Connell Foley
Regarded as the most influential real estate lawyer in Jersey City and on the Gold Coast.


John McCormac
It’s one thing to be located at the nexus of so many important transportation routes — another to make that area business-friendly to the developers who want to be there. McCormac’s efforts should be copied by others.


Mike McGuinness
NAIOP New Jersey
Well-respected leader of state’s most important commercial real estate organization. He helps tie the varying sectors of the industry together.


Jon Mikula
Senior managing director
Another key part of the team at HFF that JLL picked up in the merger. Few understand the finance side of deals better than Mikula.


David Minno
Principal and co-founder
Minno & Wasko
An architect who is riding the wave of luxury multifamily development across the state, his influence grows as his portfolio grows.


Tom Monahan
Vice chairman
He continues to be the firm’s top overall industrial producer in New Jersey and among the top 1% of all CBRE industrial brokers in the country.


George Norcross
Executive chairman
Conner Strong & Buckelew
His contentious relationship with the governor is obvious — as is his oversized influence on all activity in Camden. Simply put, he spurred the rebirth of the city.


Sheila Oliver
Lieutenant governor, commissioner of Department of Community Affairs
State of New Jersey
Her role as head of the DCA gives her the leading role in the state’s redevelopment efforts in Atlantic City.


Kevin O’Toole
Port Authority of N.Y. and N.J.
The Gateway Tunnel project … Newark Liberty International Airport … everything in between. Hard to find an agency with more influence on the sector than the PANYNJ.


Jeffrey Otteau
Otteau Valuation Group
Has long been the go-to expert for providing the analysis needed to get projects started — or approved.


Marjorie Perry
CEO and president
NZM Construction & Management
Has proven to be a force in the rough-and-tumble construction era — as well as a heavy influencer at her alma mater, New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she is on the board of overseers.


Jason Pierson
Pierson Commercial Real Estate
He is the most important and most influential retail broker in a state where retail is still big (booming in some cases).


Lata Reddy; Ommeed Sathe
Senior vice president; Vice president
Prudential Financial
Prudential continues to be major player and benefactor in Newark. Reddy and Sathe continue to be the go-to players on all projects and investments.


John Schreiber; Tim Lizura
CEO and president; senior vice president of real estate and capital projects
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
The arts center has long been a driver of real estate in the city, both in the projects it inspires and the ones it initiates. These two will be at the forefront of NJPAC’s vision to expand its role — and its square footage — in Newark.


Carol Ann Short
New Jersey Builders Association
Continues to excel at one of the sector’s toughest roles: Leading a diverse group of builders with a diverse set of interests and priorities.


Jeff Sica
Founder and CEO
Circle Squared Alternative Investments
Sica has provided funding for multifamily and mixed-use projects across the state, including University Place project at New Jersey City University in Jersey City. And his role is growing exponentially as more and more developers begin to seek him out.


Rich Spengler
Executive vice chairman, chief lending officer
Investors Bank
He’s the chief lending officer at the bank cited more than any other in terms of handling New Jersey real estate loans.


Tim Sullivan
CEO and president
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
Many feel sorry that Sullivan, always acknowledged as a good guy, is caught in the middle of the incentives squabble. At the same time, most are grateful that someone with his demeanor is in that role — and are eager to see him work with a new set of incentives. (If they ever get approved). 


Kim Vierheilig
Vice president, managing principal, buildings and places
Global company brought Vierheilig in to boost its business and presence in New Jersey. She’s done both with ease.


Kevin Walsh
Executive director
Fair Share Housing Center
Remains the undisputed leader of all things affordable housing. His impact and influence on projects cannot be overstated.


Bill Waxman; Mindy Lissner
Executive vice presidents
Waxman, Lissner and their team are leaders in all things e-commerce and last-mile delivery.


Gretchen Wilcox
CEO and president
G.S. Wilcox & Co.
A regular member on this list, she continues to set the bar — and set the bar high — because of the connections she has in the lending world and the high-class way she conducts business. It’s why she has so many longtime loyal clients.


Ted Zangari
Sills, Cummis & Gross
Viewed by many as the top real estate lawyer in the state. Understands incentives — and Opportunity Zones — as well as anyone.


Jerry Zaro
Sills, Cummis & Gross
He has the most important — and most thankless — role in the state as chair of the Gateway Development Corp., where he’s working to get the biggest real estate project of this generation going.

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