Vac-U-Max caps banner year by naming new president

It has been a banner year for Vac-U-Max, a Belleville-based provider of bulk material handling and industrial vacuum cleaning systems, capped with new leadership, the company announced this week.

First, the business — which serves a range of industries from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and concrete — marked 65 years since its founding in 1954 by Frank Pendleton. In addition, 2019 marks 50 years with the company for President Steve Pendleton, the founder’s son.

At a recent company event honoring his service, however, Steve Pendleton passed the torch to the next generation, announcing he would transition to the chairman of the board role, while his son, Doan Pendleton, would become president.

“Fifty years ago, I filled an open sales position offered to me by my father, Frank, selling compressed-air-powered vacuum cleaners from the trunk of my car,” Pendleton said at the event. “The past 50 years have been the best memories of my life, with a fantastic team of dedicated and loyal employees along the way.

“Thank you for celebrating this work anniversary with me, but, with this announcement, I am also letting you know that I resign as president, and introduce you to our new president, Doan Pendleton.”

Doan Pendleton took over as Vac-U-Max president as of Nov. 1, the company said.

“I am both humbled and honored for this opportunity to serve as president,” said Pendleton, who himself has decades of experience in the industry. “My father was the first to see the true potential of Vac-U-Max and is responsible for growing Vac-U-Max to where it is today. I cannot thank him enough for his vision, leadership, perseverance and contributions. He is the true pioneer and visionary.”

Vac-U-Max is noted for its products that handle vacuuming of dry powder particulate matter, among others. This year also marked its introduction of the Model 1050, a continuous-duty industrial vacuum cleaner designed for high-volume recovery of high-density and abrasive materials.