Garibaldi Group relocates investment, asset management firm to Chatham

The Garibaldi Group announced Thursday it has relocated the headquarters of its investment and asset management firm, R. Seelaus and Co. Inc.

With 60 team members, the move to 10,707-square-feet at 26 Main St. in Chatham was based around improving the firm’s employee experience, The Garibaldi Group said in a news release. Since 2000, the company was at 25 Deforest Ave. in Summit.

“As a company in 2019 and beyond, growth is a driving factor behind everything we do,” CEO Annie Seelaus said. “We have a well-established business platform that we see infinite possibility in, and we continue to raise the bar for ourselves and our employees year after year to help drive that growth. As a management team, when considering strategic investments we could make internally to bolster that initiative, we quickly pinpointed the energy that can be gained from a fresh and vibrant office environment. The Garibaldi Group understood our goal from the start and rightly pointed us to Mountain Development for that new and energized workspace, and we could not be more excited to call 26 Main Street home.”

Jeff Garibaldi and Jackie Madden of The Garibaldi Group represented Seelaus and Co. while Bill Martini, director of acquisitions with Mountain Development Corp., represented ownership in-house.

“Our site search focused on a ‘work, live, play’ environment,” Madden said. “We were looking for something that would allow Seelaus to continue their incredible success with employee recruiting and retention. They were looking for a high-quality building with competitive economics, and that is exactly what we were able to accomplish. 26 Main Street provided an opportunity for an exciting fresh start, with a 5-star customized build-out.”