Workforce Opportunity Services opens third office in Newark

Workforce Opportunity Service, a nonprofit organization connecting individuals from underserved populations with career opportunities, announced on Tuesday it has opened its third office in Newark.

The expansion, located at the Robert Treat Center, will allow WOS to better serve the needs of its clients, grow its program and deepen its relationship with businesses throughout the state.

“We are excited to open a physical location in downtown Newark as the headquarters for our North Jersey operations,” Russ Yorks, vice president of client service pperations at WOS, said. “We have been partnering with Newark based employers for over 15 years helping talented and driven individuals from the local community find a pathway to employment while providing our partner companies an economical pipeline of skilled and motivated, but underserved individuals.”

WOS said it provides companies with customized solutions for recruiting, training and retention. Individuals that participate undergo tailored skills training and are provided mentorship and support. Additionally, they receive funds for college tuition and free health care while enrolled in the program.