Average starting salary of $76K: Stevens touts success of Class of 2019

Stevens Institute of Technology is puffing out its chest a bit these days. It appears the college has good reason.

The school’s 2019 Student Outcomes Report — a rundown of what has become of the Class of 2019 — details what the Hoboken-based tech school has been saying for years: Its graduates go places.

According to the report:

  • 96% of the Class of 2019 has achieved employment, admission to graduate school or other first-destination outcomes six months after graduation;
  • Members of the Class of 2019 who obtained jobs recorded the highest average starting salary: $76,400, a 7% increase from the previous year;
  • Women in the Class of 2019 also achieved a record high of 99% securing their first destinations within the six-month post-graduation timeframe;
  • Global corporate giants such as Google, Goldman Sachs, American Express, ExxonMobil, PwC, Merck and Prudential each hired multiple members of the Class of 2019;
  • The most lucrative field for Class of 2019 graduates was cybersecurity/computer science, with an average starting salary of $90,200. Other fields earning above average salaries included quantitative finance, electrical engineering and computer engineering.

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Lynn Insley, executive director of the Stevens Career Center, obviously is thrilled with the statistics.

“Graduates are starting their careers at top-tier companies across a wide range of industries, including aerospace/defense, media and entertainment, business consulting, finance, and manufacturing,” she said in a statement. “The opportunities for Stevens graduates are seemingly endless as demand for employees with a technology-infused education continues to grow across all sectors.”

While 71% of graduates entered the workforce, the military or returned to their home countries, the report said 21% continued their education and pursued advanced degrees at institutions such as Columbia, Cornell and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Of the students pursuing advanced degrees, 93% are seeking a master’s or doctorate, with the balance pursuing medicine or law. Overall, 85% of the class reported first-destination plans.

The report follows two other noteworthy achievements for the school.

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