Food Council’s Doherty elected president of N.J. Clean Communities Council

File photo Linda Doherty of the New Jersey Food Council.

Linda Doherty may be best-known around the Garden State as the CEO of the New Jersey Food Council, but she has also been a longtime board member of the New Jersey Clean Communities Council — and, now, she has been elected its president.

NJCCC elected Doherty to her new role after years of service as the vice president. She is replacing Patrick Ryan, the NJCCC’s president since 2001, who opted to step down from the volunteer position, but will remain a board member in 2020.

“I am tremendously thankful to the board for this vote of confidence, and look forward to directing efforts that educate many more New Jerseyans about ways in which to reduce litter,” Doherty said in a prepared statement. “There are many ways in which the NJCCC provides education and financial support across the state. My job is to ensure partnerships between local and state government, business, our schools and the community amplify our antilittering message.”

The NJCCC is a comprehensive litter-abatement program funded through a tax on businesses that produce litter-generating products. It oversees implementation of litter abatement programs in 558 municipalities and all 21 counties.

“We believe Linda is the absolute best individual to take the reins of the NJCCC, based on her vast experience of our antilittering campaigns and her focus on education and inclusion,” Ryan said in a statement. “She has vast contacts in Trenton among decision-makers, and a pristine reputation throughout professional circles. Linda is the ideal representative for the NJCCC.”