Rutgers launches doctoral program in business administration

Sometimes, an MBA just isn’t enough … if that’s the situation you find yourself in, Rutgers University has a program you might want to look into, as Rutgers Business School announced Tuesday it is launching a doctorate in business administration.

The Newark-based program is aimed at providing a credential for both executives looking to move into the C-suite and ones who are hoping to move out of it and into academia.

The 60-credit program will be offered primarily on weekends, with some evening classes, and eventually online offerings, Rutgers said in a news release. The full-time program can lead to a doctorate in two years, the school added.

“The Doctorate of Business Administration Program aims to equip graduates with tools, techniques and critical-thinking skills that can be used to solve the increasingly complex problems encountered now and in the future,” professor Suresh Govindaraj, program director, said in a prepared statement.

Unlike a traditional Ph.D. program, this doctorate of business administration is designed to be a “practitioner’s doctoral” for professionals, Rutgers said. The program will be built around a year of coursework followed by a focus on the dissertation.

The program is aimed at mid-career professionals who want to move into higher roles at their business, academics who hope to establish their bona fides as authorities and consultants, and senior-level executives aiming to launch a second career as a professor or other academic, Rutgers said.

Candidates are expected to enter the program with an MBA or equivalent master’s degree, as well as extensive work experience.