Small Business Pro announces $20K challenge to help small businesses grow

Small Business Pro, a business consultancy, announced on Monday its “SBPro Growth Challenge” to help small businesses establish achievable goals and growth objectives.

“The SBPro Growth Challenge will afford small businesses the opportunity to learn best practices, to have access to a proven growth planning strategy and to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs,” Andrew Frazier, chief financial officer, business consultant and creator of the challenge, said.

Frazier, an MIT graduate, U.S. Navy veteran, author and speaker, said he’s committed to helping 1,000 businesses achieve quantifiable growth in 2020 by providing $20,000 worth of prizes in cash as well as various business services to businesses that enter the challenge and can document the most year-over-year growth.

The challenge anticipates its entrance will learn how to improve their marketing and selling strategies. To keep the playing field level, entrants will be divided into two categories: those businesses with under $100,000 in revenue and those with over $100,000.

The SBPro Growth Challenge is open to any U.S.-based businesses that were founded before 2018 with revenues of at lease $20,000 in 2019, but under $20 million. To learn more, click here.