Soterius moves to bigger office in Lawrenceville to support rapid growth

Soterius Inc., a provider of safety and medical affairs services and solutions, announced on Tuesday it has moved to a larger office in Lawrenceville.

“As our customer base and offerings continue to grow, this move to larger office space will support our business objectives for the foreseeable future,” Suneet Walia, CEO of Soterius, said. “With our new office and our growing global team, we are all set to provide enhanced client services to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we are committed to creating a comfortable, flexible, and collaborative working environment for our employees, who work extremely hard to support our customers’ needs.”

The move, the company said in a news release, will support its growing global customer base as well as help expand on the development of its digital technology platforms.

“Thanks to Soterius’ unique approach to delivering technology-enabled solutions and services, we’ve entered the next phase of growth within a very short time,” says Gaurav Saxena, commercial operations and financial analysis, Soterius, said. “Our new premises enable us to scale our operations in North America to deliver unparalleled, high-quality services to our global clients. Furthermore, our flexible work environment ensures we can adapt to the needs of our clients while providing a progressive, inclusive environment for employees.”

Soterius has been in the news recently for its rapidly customer relationships and global strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical, services, and CRO companies.