Tammy Murphy: Surgery on governor was ‘success,’ husband is recovering with ‘usual good humor’

The surgery to remove a tumor on the left kidney of Gov. Phil Murphy was a success, his wife, first lady Tammy Murphy, said in a statement released Wednesday night.

“I am proud to report that Phil’s surgery presented no surprises to his doctors and was a success,” Tammy Murphy said in the statement.

The surgery was done at a New York City hospital. The Governor’s Office did not release which hospital.

Tammy Murphy added the following details in her statement:

“The tumor was removed, and his left kidney remains largely intact. He is awake and (as expected) is in some discomfort, but he’s gone through the entire day with his usual good humor and optimism buoying the nurses, doctors, staff and anyone else in his proximity — present company included! The kids and I are so happy to have him through surgery and now set our sights on healing.

“Home is not far from his mind, and one of his first questions (after asking how the surgery went and how the kids and I were holding up) was, “Is everything OK in New Jersey?”

“Phil, the kids, and I cannot thank everyone enough for the tremendous outpouring of support we’ve received at this challenging time. We are so very grateful. And we know that Phil will jump back into the thick of things in no time!”

Murphy, 62, is expected to spend the next few days in the hospital before returning home to New Jersey.

The governor said late last month that doctors had found a 3-centimeter tumor on his left kidney. At the time, Murphy said it most likely was cancerous.