Show & Tell: What trends are shaping office redevelopment in 2020?

Sam Morreale is founder and managing partner of Vision Real Estate Partners, a full-service real estate firm that specializes in development, property management, asset management and construction.

We asked him what trends are shaping office redevelopment in 2020.

More than anything else, today’s professionals are seeking hospitality-oriented, unique, amenity-rich office spaces that echo their active lifestyles: Work/play environments that engage, energize and encourage employees to perform at their peak potential. It’s simply not enough to provide a cookie-cutter floor plan and a standard amenities package. What really attracts long-term office tenants is superior customer service, clean, airy facilities and a unique experience you’re able to deliver, which starts when they walk through the doors to a true Class A property and continues to inspire them throughout their workday — and beyond.”