Rutgers Business School taxation program to offer virtual learning

In an effort to bring digital convenience to the school (and not a response to the coronavirus), Rutgers Business School said on Monday students in its master’s taxation program have the option to attending class remotely, according to program director Jay Soled.

Students will be able to connect to class using WebEx, a video conferencing tool, if they cannot attend physically. Videos will also be made available of the entire class on Blackboard, a web-based learning tool.

I’ve found that some students perform better if they have a chance to re-listen to classes,” Soled said. “From a pedagogical point of view, it makes a lot of sense.”

According to Rutgers, 95% of the students in the Master of Accountancy in Taxation are working students, or employed.

“Many students put a premium on convenience,” Soled said. “We have students who are from western or southern New Jersey who have asked about the prospect of online classes. This is a good compromise.”

In 2020, all six of the courses in the program will have the WebEx option.

“This way, on those occasions when students can’t attend, they don’t feel they’re sacrificing their tuition dollars,” Soled said.

Students will still be required to take exams in class.