NIA awards Coriell Institute an $8.6M biobanking contract

The National Institute on Aging announced on Wednesday it has extended its biobanking contract with the Coriell Institute for Medical Research.

The Coriell Institute is based in Camden and focuses on curing diseases through biomedical research.

The $8.6 million, five-year extension will keep Coriell as the steward of a collection of cell and DNA samples and includes the addition of new products to expand it. NIA’s Aging Cell Repository was established at Coriell in 1974 and since then, Coriell has managed it. The repository contains a collection of human and animal cell line and DNA samples, representing aged human populations, age-related diseases and animal models of aging.

“Coriell’s relationship with the NIA is among its oldest and most treasured,” Nahid Turan, chief biobanking officer, said. “We at Coriell are committed to ensuring the success of this phenomenal collection of aging-related biospecimens, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to continue this important collaboration with NIA.”