Show & Tell: Do workers really negotiate their salary with their latest job offer?

Joseph Carrabs is a staffing expert for Robert Half, based in the company’s Saddle Brook office.

We asked him about a recent survey that said 54% of workers negotiated their salary with their last job offer.

It is great for workers that we are in a tight, candidate-driven market. Their skills are at a premium and that bodes well for their career outlook. But salary negotiation comes down to knowing your worth — doing your research and knowing the going rates for someone who possesses your skills and experience. Then, when you get to the offer stage, you can have an educated and cordial conversation with your future employer. The better news from our survey was that 55% of workers didn’t negotiate salary because they were happy with the salary they received. Which tells us companies know skilled candidates are in high demand and they are stepping up to the plate with strong offers right off the bat.”