Tech firm Invonto to offer $5M in support initiatives to businesses affected by COVID-19

Bridgewater-based technology consulting company Invonto announced on Friday it is offering $5 million worth of support initiatives to U.S.-based businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Invonto said it will provide free cloud hosting to customers for one year, reduced consulting and development fees for new projects, deferred payments up to 60 days, provide hourly and on-demand services without long-term commitments, and more.

“We are not health care professionals. We cannot be on the frontlines against the coronavirus. However, we don’t want to stay on the sidelines either. With our initiatives, we are offering support to the companies that need help. We believe that by improving technology operations now, these companies will be in better shape to succeed in the future.” Invonto CEO Maulik Shah said.

The company is also offering technical assistance to biotechnology companies to help them build technology solutions to fight against the novel coronavirus.

“These are unprecedented and uncertain times. We are simultaneously facing a health and economic crisis. Besides these support initiatives, we are also talking with biotech and pharma companies researching solutions for Coronavirus and offering our technical assistance. We have to support our community to get through the current crisis. That is the only way forward.” Maulik said.

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