Stockton launches new graduate programs that blend science, business

Stockton University announced on Wednesday its graduate school is offering two new programs that blend science with business.

The Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration and Leadership, which begins in the fall through the school’s Office of Graduate Studies, will enhance the skills of those working in the health care, pharmaceutical, insurance and environmental sectors.

This is the first program of its type in New Jersey.

The program will take place monthly with Saturday meetings and hybrid online courses to supplement in-person gatherings and accomodate students who work.

The Coastal Zone Management program will focus on training coastal managers and scientists in managing problems and providing expertise in coastal zones such as climate change, sea level rise and shore protection.

“The Coastal Zone Management program builds on the strength of Stockton’s Marine and Environmental Science programs and the Stockton Coastal Research Center in providing education and research in the coastal zone,” Peter Straub, dean of Stockton’s School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, said.

“These programs blend business and science courses to benefit professionals who need to know and understand the business side of being a leader in the environmental and coastal zone fields,” Stockton’s Associate Director of Graduate Programs Tara Williams said.

Applications are still being accepted for fall 2020.