IFEL launches ‘Small Businesses Need Us’ initiative to help those impacted by COVID-19

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership announced on Tuesday it has launched “Small Businesses Need Us“, an initiate to help small businesses survive and recover from the impact of the coronavirus.

“While financial capital is critical in this crisis, small business owners also have to steady the ship and consider new destinations. We are calling on business professionals to volunteer their expertise and skills to help small business owners address immediate needs, create pivot strategies and develop a plan to operate in a social distancing environment. It’s time for us to get off the sidelines and get in the game to help save small businesses,” Jill Johnson, CEO of IFEL, said.

Through the initiative, volunteers will be matched via phone or video conferencing based on the needs of each business. They can choose short projects, a set number of hours, answering online questions or offering in-kind products and services. Volunteers will offer their knowledge and skills in areas such as: accounting/bookkeeping, copywriting/content development, restaurant management, human resources, marketing/public relations/social media, merchandising/packaging, operations, sales strategy/sales training/presentation development, strategic consulting/business model reinvention, supply chain management, technology hardware/software, website development, and more.

“Just as medical professionals are on the front lines saving lives, business professionals must join together to save our small businesses. Already capital-starved small businesses in our most resource-poor communities are facing the threat of extinction. If we don’t act today to pave the way for economic recovery, tomorrow may be too late to save for the vast majority of small businesses and the jobs they represent,” Johnson said.

To apply for the program, sign up at SmallBusinessNeedsUs.Org.

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