Marotta Controls adds new testing facilities to support volume

Marotta Controls, a aerospace and defense supplier based in Montville, announced on Tuesday it has expanded its testing capabilities with the addition of new equipment to support more volume and complex testing procedures.

Once completed, the company will have a 125,000-square-foot testing facilities focused on aerospace, defense and marine systems.

“Several internal and external factors drove the expansion. For example, we choose to keep up with increasingly more sophisticated customer designs,” Larry Rayhon, senior director, production engineering, Marotta, said. “Interestingly, we’re also experiencing rapid growth in complementary application areas. Our business was anchored in flow control products: solenoid valves, pressure regulators, manifolds, etc. In recent years, we introduced control actuation systems and power electronics, which require more precise, complex and often automated testing processes. This facility upgrade enables us to support that growth, too.”

Here are the expansions:

  • Pneumatic testing: assembly bench capacity will increase by one-third to 40 benches;
  • High Flow testing: gaseous nitrogen high flow capability will increase from one to two piping systems;
  • Acoustic testing: a 1,600-square-foot facility was constructed for airborne and structure-borne noise testing;
  • Vibration testing: air-cooled electrodynamic shaker systems will increase to three;
  • Altitude testing: 15 thermal chambers will simulate extreme conditions at 120,000 feet.