N.J. marketing firm’s owners launch #NJsmall to help economy recover

Upon hearing how the coronavirus pandemic will negatively impact the economy and small businesses, Denise Blasevick and Adam Schnitzler, co-owners of Boonton-based advertising and marketing firm the S3 Agency, started the #NJsmall movement to ask New Jersey’s big businesses to hire the state’s small businesses.

With #NJsmall, the pair are hoping to create a shift in the state’s large business procurement habits. They have also petitioned Gov. Phil Murphy to support the effort with tax incentives.

The movement, they said, is not asking big business to spend more money — it instead is requesting, whenever possible, to reallocate funds that would have gone to out-of-state vendors and spend it at home.

The co-owners believe this will help New Jersey rebuild and recover faster by creating an economy where more small businesses can thrive, more residents are employed and more money is spent in-state.

“When it comes to economic recovery, small businesses are essential businesses, yet we are bearing the biggest crunch right now,” Blasevick, CEO of the S3 Agency, said. “And while we appreciate the federal government’s relief measures like the Paycheck Protection Program, this aid was only a temporary bandage that was received by a small percentage of businesses in need. That’s why we are asking Governor Murphy to incentivize NJ’s big businesses to hire #NJsmall – because hiring small is better for all.”

Visit NJsmall.com to sign the petition and learn of other ways to help.

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