Russell Berrie Foundation announces $4.48M in emergency grants to support COVID-19 response efforts 

The Russell Berrie Foundation, a Teaneck-based philanthropic organization, announced on Tuesday a $4.48 million worth of emergency grants to support those on the frontlines of COVID-19 relief effort.

The funds will go toward medical institutions, organizations that address the needs of vulnerable populations, and those who provide medical and health care-related services throughout North Jersey and Israel.

A total of $1.82 million of the grant pool will be used to serve organizations in North Jersey. They include:

Health care needs

Food insecurity

Economic insecurity


The Russell Berrie Foundation said it will also provide $1.66 million to institutions in Israel as well as an additional $1 million to support Ogen Social Finance, Israel’s first social bank.

“In this moment of extraordinary need, we are working to mitigate the pain and anxiety of communities both locally in Northern New Jersey and abroad,” Angelica Berrie, president, The Russell Berrie Foundation, said. “Our strength as a community will be tested by this crisis and how we respond – generously, with empathy and compassion – will reflect our capacity to cope with future challenges. Our role in philanthropy is not just to give money but to lead, especially in times like this, when the need exceeds the capacity of any one giver to fill. We hope our leadership inspires others to give fearlessly at a moment when so many lives and the future of our community, our country and our world needs us more than ever before.”

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