Show & Tell: Companies’ potential needs from property managers

Marcy Gross is an executive vice president with Sheldon Gross Realty.

She talked about companies’ potential needs from property managers in the “new normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In terms of how commercial tenants will react once restrictions begin to be lifted, I think we’ll be able to separate them into two different camps.

The first of these will be eager to get their employees together again, back in the workplace. They’ll embrace 6-foot distancing, wearing masks and other considerations, but their ultimate focus will be a return to an in-person working environment. In addition, they’ll be aware renovations will be necessary — with emphasis on those that will help keep the various members of their team a safe distance apart — and will be willing to make these as quickly as is feasible.

The other camp will be made up of commercial tenants who, based on their experiences during the pandemic, believe their company can work efficiently and effectively in a primarily virtual environment. So, their inclination may be to not renew their current lease in favor of downsizing to a less-expensive location. Their strategy will likely be to have some staff members work exclusively from home, while others may be scheduled to come to the office only a few days each week.”