Read all ROI-NJ’s coverage of coronavirus in New Jersey (plus numbers you can call for help)

By ROI-NJ Staff
New Jersey | Jun 1, 2020 at 10:09 am

Read all of ROI-NJ’s articles on how coronavirus, or COVID-19, is affecting business — and everyday life — in New Jersey, from the first presumptive case (and even a little before) to the latest announcements from the Governor’s Office.

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And, if you need help from the state, scroll to the bottom of this post for contact information.

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More information from the New Jersey government on coronavirus

The state of New Jersey has released a number of ways residents can get more information on coronavirus.

Phone lines and emails are being monitored 24/7, officials said.

Go here for the state’s interactive dashboard, which shows total cases — and cases by county.

And here is a global map, produced by Johns Hopkins University.

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