Prudential Retirement appoints two women to senior roles

Prudential Retirement, a business unit of Newark-based Prudential Financial Inc., announced on Tuesday it has named Lacey Lockward to head of Stable Value.

Previously, Lockward was the head of the company’s structured settlements business. Now, Alex Hyten will take over that role. She previously led Prudential Retirement’s investment and pension solutions sales team.

“I’m so proud to make these announcements and welcome Lacey and Alex to their new roles on my senior leadership team,” Scott Gaul, head of investment and pension solutions for Prudential Retirement, said.

“Our strong focus on talent development and mobility is critical to our success as a team and it is more important than ever to have dedicated, experienced leaders in Stable Value and Structured Settlements who truly understand the peace of mind our products bring our customers during times of crisis and market volatility. As Prudential Retirement navigates the current environment with our partners, I am confident Lacey and Alex are the individuals to lead these businesses into the future,” he said.