PPAG’s Pascrell joins gaming-focused customer experience company

Bill Pascrell III.

Bill Pascrell III, a prominent government affairs expert, has joined A Game Above, North America, as the European customer experience marketing company’s president for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

A Game Above specializes in the global gambling industry, working with gaming companies to improve player acquisition and retention through customer sales promotions and other marketing efforts. In his new role, Pascrell will lead the company’s outreach and operations in this region.

“I’m proud to become president of A Game Above, North America, and thrilled to be part of the A Game Above story — from my first encounter with the team, their betting and gaming customer solutions clearly showed the ability to make customers believe,” he said in a prepared statement. “That belief covers multiple customer desires — that they can play safely and sustainably, challenge themselves, practice without risk, pursue a dream like becoming a champion player and, fundamentally, believe they can win something meaningful.

“I have experienced the success with which A Game Above customer sales promotions can provide a career path for players, from which the winning of money alone is not the only acceptable result, when there are so many other achievements and aspirations satisfied through engagement with their campaigns.”

Pascrell also will remain in his position as a partner at lobbying firm Princeton Public Affairs Group.

“Bill Pascrell III was our first choice to lead and grow A Game Above in the important North American market,” Chief Operating Officer Jakob Famme said in a statement. “As the individual who led the precedent-creating campaign to legalize sports betting in New Jersey — a model that is now followed across the USA — his network, knowledge and know-how is unparalleled in the industry. We’re honored to have him introduce A Game Above to North America. …

“As quarantine curfews relax, and the public return to play on casino property as well as online, we look forward to helping betting and gaming clients gain, retain and maintain their player audiences.”

Pascrell is also a trustee of GVC Foundation US, a nonprofit focused on responsible gambling. A Game Above noted that part of his work will include focusing on protecting gamblers.