IVS acquires intellectual property portfolio of Ozio

Innovative Vending Solutions LLC, a Clayton-based operator of Relax & Recharge commercial massage chairs, announced on Thursday it has acquired the intellectual property portfolio of Ozio LLC, an Illinois-based owner and operator of commercial massage chairs.

“IVS has developed a multimedia kiosk that totally changes the consumers experience while enjoying their massage. Gone are the days of regular commercial massage chairs – our next generation commercial massage chairs are capable of interacting with customers providing them with a plethora of offers and deals in real time, making their massage experience more interactive and rewarding,” Gregory Ruggiero, CEO of IVS, said.

The kiosk will offer digital content, which represents a new revenue stream for IVS and its partners. The kiosks capabilities will include real time coupons, games, movie trailers, airport and transportation information, public safety alerts, and more.

“Our investment in connecting with our customer is the future and being able to offer bespoke and tailored opportunities to them is paramount to being able retain and grow our business,” Ruggiero said.