Merck Animal Health acquires livestock analytics firm Quantified Ag

Merck Animal Health, a division of Kenilworth-based Merck & Co. Inc., announced on Thursday it has acquired Quantified Ag, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based data and analytics company that monitors ear tags for cattle that identify sickness early.

Quantified Ag will merge with Merck Animal Health’s Allflex Livestock Intelligence business unit. Allflex specializes in technology to help improve livestock management.

“We are pleased to take this step forward with Quantified Ag as we continue to broaden our portfolio with complementary products and technologies to advance animal well-being for our customers,” Rick DeLuca, president, Merck Animal Health, said. “Our goal is to improve the detection of animal illness, and the responsible use of treatments to maintain the health of livestock. We are at the technological forefront of shaping the future of animal health through our commitment to leveraging our scientific and technical capabilities and expertise through comprehensive solutions to manage the health and well-being of animals.”

The acquisition will further strengthen Merck Animal Health’s portfolio of technologies that improve animal health outcomes. Quantified Ag has a system for cattle producers and feedlot operators that tracks animal biometric and behavioral data through a non-invasive ear tag equipped with sensors to monitor health.

In April 2018, Merck AH invested in Quantified Ag and helped fund the development of livestock-based data analytics.

“We believe that Merck Animal Health is the right company, ideally positioned to keep developing our products in a sustainable manner. We’ve enjoyed a collaborative partnership over the past few years and are pleased with this next step,” Vishal Singh, co-founder and CEO, Quantified Ag, said.