Global Trading Analytics, Babelfish Analytics join forces

Global Trading Analytics and Babelfish Analytics announced on Monday plans to merge.

Under the deal, the company will be renamed to GTA Babelfish and be headquartered in Rutherford.

“We are very pleased to announce this merger with Babelfish Analytics. From the first day we met Linda and Jeff from Babelfish, the synergies were apparent,” John A. Halligan, president of GTA, said. “The more we explored combining the two firms, the more we realized how complementary the firms were, and with very little overlap.”

GTA is a supplier of Trading Cost Analysis to pension plans, investment managers, banks and brokerages. Babelfish is a provider of routing analysis.

The two companies will provide the first solution that attributes cost to every step of the investment process.

“This merger will allow us to link portfolio-level analytics with routing mechanics, which will help fully attribute the source of cost,” Linda Giordano, CEO of Babelfish Analytics, said. “We are excited to partner with GTA to increase our scale, as routing analytics becomes standardized across Europe and the need for enhanced 606 compliance reporting in the U.S. is realized.”