Lavallette tech firm aims to help businesses streamline remote communication

Four years ago, J.R. Guerrieri wondered if remote communication was possible without switching between Word, Skype, WhatsApp and email all day.

It gave him the idea for a new company, NYNJA, which was created with a remote, international workforce in mind.

This past winter, Guerrieri brought NYNJA to market — just months before COVID-19 made remote communication an essential part of all businesses.

NYNJA, Guerrieri said, brings all business communication needs into one platform — and it does so on a secure platform with a variety of price points based on business needs.

J.R. Guerrieri of NYNJA.

“Every country has their thing — Skype, WeChat, etc. So, we said, there has to be a better way to put everything in one place,” Guerrieri said. “That’s the main difference between us and Zoom, Slack or Webex. All your files, chats, video conferencing, phone calls — they’re all in one place with NYNJA.”

NYNJA’s service packages start for free, with added entrepreneur features for $1.99/month, added business features for $6.99/month and large enterprise features for $14.99/month.

The platform also allows for quick and easy “day passes” to features not included in one’s package, Guerrieri said.

“If someone wants to use video conferencing, for example, just for the day, they can pay $5.99 for one day rather than commit to the monthly subscription,” he said.

So far, Guerrieri said he’s seen a trend where customers are hooked for long-term use.

“We’ve sold 30 subscriptions so far, and not one of them has been monthly,” he said. “They’ve all been yearly.”

Guerrieri also said security measures are top-notch.

“The first thing we do is, you don’t need to download an application on your computer. Companies that put software on your computer, other people can phish that software and go get passwords easily,” he said.

“We also keep a closed circuit, so, if I’m sending you a message invite, I don’t have to email you with a code. There’s no way anybody could access your calls unless you personally added them to the group.”

Guerrieri said the Lavallette-based company is growing fast.

“We went to market really in January, and now we’re scrambling to hire,” he said. “We hired about 20 people in the last few months because we needed more developers.”

While the original intent was business-to-business, Guerrieri said NYNJA’s growth has expanded to 10 or 15 different industries.

“We noticed we’re putting on a lot of municipalities now,” he said. “We put the borough of Lavallette on for all the beach control; we just put Jenkinson’s on. Even the yacht clubs are calling us — we just added Lavallette Yacht Club.”

“When COVID-19 hit, we started getting calls from everybody and anybody. All of a sudden, we’re hearing from courts, mayors, councils and doctors.”