3 N.J. colleges launch new undergraduate STEM degrees

Three colleges in New Jersey have launched new degree programs all related to STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

William Paterson University

Wayne-based William Paterson will launch a new 55-credit medicinal biochemistry major this fall. The program will include courses such as modern methods in drug design, medicinal chemistry, analytical instrumentation and nano-chemistry and technology. Students in the program will be equipped with research and problem-solving skills that will prepare them for fields in medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical science, forensic science, neurobiology and other health disciplines.

“We are proud to present this new program at William Paterson University that addresses a currently unmet educational need in our area: a tailored degree program in the chemical sciences for students whose goals involve advanced education and/or professional work in health or clinical fields, or research and development settings,” says William Paterson University College of Science and Health Dean Venkat Sharma.

Seton Hall University

South Orange’s Seton Hall said its Department of Finance within the Stillman School of Business has launched a 24-credit financial technology undergraduate major. Students studying finance can choose from three areas to concentrate in: finance, mathematical finance and finance and technology. This is one of only two undergraduate programs nationwide that have a concentration in FinTech. Courses will include technology of finance, financial strategy, portfolio analysis, and more.

“FinTech is currently the leading disruptive force in financial services, and the industry expectation is that these forces will remain in place powered by the unabated forward pace of technology,” said Finance Professor Elven Riley, the program designer and former Wall Street executive and advisor to some of the world’s largest investment banks.  “No financial transaction completed today, from simple checking accounts to complicated mergers and acquisitions, can be accomplished without technology. And the intersection of finance and business analytics with data and machine learning is at the cutting edge of the profession in the 21st century.  Enabling our students to focus on FinTech uniquely prepares them for the most well-paid and sought-after positions in the financial industry.”

Pillar College

Newark’s Pillar College has created a Bachelor of Science in applied chemistry with a concentration in consumer product development. This is the only program of its kind to be offered in the state. Students will focus on general, organic, analytical and surfactant chemistry, product development and business marketing. In the lab, students will learn what goes into making products used for skincare, personal and oral hygiene, and more.

“This is more than a STEM degree. Our applied chemistry program will have students industry-ready to meet the needs of world’s leading consumer product companies,” Dr. Robert “Bob” Heffner, program chair, said. ”Students will have hands-on experience in the first year. They will participate in project-based learning opportunities and community engagement with non-profit and for profit organizations.”