University Hospital to open COVID-19 recovery program

Shereef Elnahal of University Hospital.

University Hospital announced on Thursday it will launched a COVID-19 Recovery Program to provide comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation to help those who have been infected with the coronavirus recover.

The University Hospital Comprehensive COVID-19 Recovery Program will start off with a specialist that will evaluate each patient based on their specific needs. The plan calls for an in-depth analysis of each patient’s health, the impact of their COVID-19 infection, and develop a treatment and recovery plan.

The program will include specialities such as primary care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonary, cardiac, renal, mental health and more. Telehealth and in-person visits are available.

“People in our community were hit hard with COVID-19, and unfortunately, our front-line clinicians are seeing that it can have health effects that last well beyond recovery from acute illness,” Shereef Elnahal, CEO and president of University Hospital, said. “University Hospital is committed to seeing our patients through to full recovery and management of any complications. We are pleased to announce this new program dedicated to COVID-19 survivors in our community.”

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