Show & Tell: How multifamily real estate development could change post-pandemic

Jessica Petraccoro serves as a project manager at LanTree Developments, and executive assistant to the company’s principal, Raphael Mandelbaum.

We asked her how multifamily real estate development could change post-pandemic. 

Looking ahead, developers must be even more disciplined when it comes to their approach to new development to ensure that their projects will create value for the communities and meet renter demand for many years to come. Developers/owners need to ask themselves, ‘How will this fit into the community at large, and what needs are we meeting?’ At the same time, it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of renter preferences to determine any changes that should be made to the design, layout and amenities being offered. At LanTree, our focus will continue to be the transformation of underutilized assets or land to their highest and best potential. We see tremendous opportunity in this area, especially in our post-pandemic world.”