Bioclinica appoints Gebow to chief innovation officer

    Bioclinica, a Princeton-based life sciences and technology solutions provider, announced on Thursday it has promoted Dan Gebow to chief innovation officer.

    In this role, Gebow will accelerate software development and data analytics across all areas of medical imaging and clinical adjudication.

    Gebow, who has more than 18 years of experience in clinical research and 28 in biomedical research, will be tasked with leading Bioclinica’s digital transformation, drive technological changes across the company’s medical imaging business and accelerate the investment and productization of new tools.

    “At Bioclinica, we believe in leveraging transformative technologies to support best-in-class operations for our customers,” Euan Menzies, chairman and CEO, said. “Dan brings the acumen, experience, and leadership, as a forward-leaning technologist who knows how to identify new trends and to operationalize innovation.”

    Gebow joined Bioclinica in 2017 following the acquisition of his software company MDDX Research and Informatics.

    “I am honored to be appointed to this new role which will drive focused innovation throughout the organization,” Gebow said. “Our team is dedicated to improving the clinical development process, building new capabilities and products for tomorrow, and to tapping technology to create life-improving therapies.”