Show & Tell: Competition in the workplace

    Jeff Menzel is a regional vice president for Robert Half. 

    We asked him about competition in the workplace and how it can impact the office in both positive and negative ways.

    Friendly competition in the workplace can be good, but too much and morale and productivity can suffer. Robert Half released a study where 28% of workers nationwide said that there is more competition in the workplace than there was a year ago. For managers, it is important to foster a culture where competition can bring out the best in your staff, but also realizing that too much can actually lead to more stress and less impactful work. Our advice is to monitor and keep your finger on the pulse of your organization. Be attentive to when things seem healthy or out of control. And lead by example — set fun challenges for workers that breed healthy competition and celebrate wins. Especially now, in a mostly remote workplace, it is important to communicate and celebrate whenever you can.”